Our patent-pending, one-of-a-kind roasting process begins with selecting the finest Arabica beans from growers around the world who share our passion for quality and sustainability.

Next, the beans are siphoned into our roaster using our tubular vacuum process where the beans are separated from the chaff (outer shell) and other loose debris and particles, ensuring a cleaner batch of coffee.

After the beans have been roasted to the desired temperature, they’re loaded into a perforated metal drum which is then spun by hand at a high velocity in order to utilize centrifugal force to draw out unwanted gases. This stage is often lovingly referred to as our “marketing strategy” since huge plumes of aromatic clouds are dispersed into the air, catching the attention of passersby who suddenly get a hankering for a good cup o’ Joe.

The coffee is then emptied into an expansive metal pan where it is stirred and inspected by hand before being poured into large, antique mason jars. Here the coffee “sweats” out moisture, removing excess water weight to improve overall flavor. This also gives our customers more beans per bag! Next, the beans are poured back into the pan and sifted for a second time.

The jars are then wiped down and refilled with the freshly-roasted beans, where they will be protected from harmful air exposure so they can continue to develop the smooth, deep flavor notes our customers rave about.

In a world of shortcuts and quick fixes, we slow things down, modeling our process after a time when coffee roasting wasn’t merely a means to an end, but an art form.

We take pride in each stage of our process, from selecting the finest green Arabica beans to filling each and every cup.

Coffee is our passion, our life, and our joy to share. As we hand write on every bag, we hope you enjoy!